Our Services


Free Consultation:

At no cost to you, MD Consultants will discuss your case with you and will hand select the expert that is most suitable for your case.


Hassle Free Service:

We know attorneys are busy people, and we’re here to help! It takes time to research and find the perfect medical expert. That is why we retain America’s most qualified physicians and medical experts. 100% of our physicians are board certified.

Once the medical expert is chosen, the CV and fee schedule are shared with the attorney, and with the attorney’s approval, we move forward.

After MD Consultants receives the retainer and electronic medical records from the attorney, the medical expert will be contacted by MD Consultants to discuss the individual case. The medical expert will then be put in contact with the attorney with whom they will be working with.


Quick Turnaround:

MD Consultants manages each case, assuring a thorough and timely review of the case. On average, the initial review of the medical records will be completed in one to four weeks. Emergencies arise from time to time, and we understand this, so we will do our best to guarantee the case is reviewed in the requested timeline.


Continuous Support:

The experts will be available for consultations on an ongoing basis throughout the case review. Upon completion of the case review, the medical expert will contact the attorney to discuss his or her opinions on the case, and narrative reports will be available (if requested). The experts will also be available for depositions, hearings and trial testimony.


No Hidden Fees:

Reviews are done on an hourly basis and are charged based on our fee schedule.